10 examples of Prompts Midjourney for robots

Examples of Midjourney prompt: robots

Futuristic robots in a surreal cityscape

Prompt used: “Futuristic humanoid robots, silver metal, in a surreal cityscape, neon lights, night scene” I'm visualizing humanoid robots in a surreal cityscape. I've chosen the term ‘futuristic' to indicate that these robots are advanced. To add contrast and color, I've included ‘neon' and ‘night scene'.

Steampunk robots with brass gears and detailed texture

Promptly used: “Steampunk robots, cogwheels, brass, vintage technology, detailed texture” I offer steampunk robots for an alternative aesthetic. The ‘cogwheels' and ‘brass' add to the mechanical and vintage look. I also requested a ‘detailed texture' for added realism.

Great battle robots in a war-torn city with dramatic lighting

Prompt used: “Giant battle robots, science fiction, war-torn city, dramatic lighting, digital art” Here, I visualize giant battle robots in a science-fiction setting. War-torn city' adds a dramatic context, reinforced by ‘dramatic lighting'.

Robotic fauna robots in the middle of a lush forest with filtering sunlight and an oil painting style

Prompt used: “Robotic wildlife, biomimicry, amidst lush forest, sunlight filtering, oil painting style” I propose the idea of ‘robotic fauna', suggesting robots that mimic natural life forms. Amid lush forest' and ‘filtering sunlight' create a natural environment. I chose ‘oil painting style' for an artistic aesthetic.

Cute robot pets with colorful designs and a children's illustration style

Promptly used: “Cute robot pets, cartoonish, colorful designs, children's illustration” I suggest ‘cute robot pets' for a softer, funnier image. Cartoon' and ‘children's illustration' ensure that the style remains childlike and cheerful.

Abstract interpretation of robots with geometric shapes, minimalist and monochrome style

Prompt used: “Abstract interpretation of robots, geometric shapes, minimalist style, monochromatic” Here, I'm asking for an ‘abstract interpretation of robots' for a more conceptual approach. The ‘geometric shapes', ‘minimalist style' and ‘monochrome' reinforce this idea.

Robots at work in an industrial setting with machinery and flying sparks, in black and white photography

Prompt used: “Robots at work, industrial setting, machinery, sparks flying, black and white photography” I visualize ‘robots at work' in an ‘industrial setting'. Machinery' and ‘flying sparks' add to the dynamic mood. I chose ‘black and white photography' for a classic, dramatic style.

Retro robots reminiscent of tin toys with bright colors and pop art styling

. Prompt used: “Retro robots, tin toys, vibrant colors, nostalgia, pop art style” I suggest ‘retro robots' to evoke nostalgia for tin toys. The ‘bright colors' add to the playfulness, while ‘pop art style' suggests a specific aesthetic.

Female robot portrait with AI beauty, neon make-up and detailed close-up cyberpunk aesthetic

Prompt used: “Female robot portrait, AI beauty, neon makeup, cyberpunk aesthetics, detailed close-up” I suggest ‘female robot portrait' for a different approach. ‘AI beauty' and ‘neon makeup' add a futuristic touch, while ‘cyberpunk aesthetic' defines the style. I asked for a ‘detailed close-up' for further clarification.

Robots in space exploring alien planets with sci-fi art and starry background

Prompt used: “Robots in space, exploring alien planets, sci-fi art, starry backdrop, –ar 16:9” I'm visualizing ‘robots in space' for a more epic scene. ‘Exploring alien planets' adds an adventurous context. Sci-fi art' and ‘starry background' reinforce the theme. I added ‘–ar 16:9' for a landscape format.

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