10 examples of Prompts Midjourney for historical scenes

Curious to find out what Midjourney can do for you? You've come to the right place! For those who don't know, Midjourney is an artificial intelligence tool that creates images from your input, a bit like DALL-E. Fantastic, isn't it? But wait, there's more. In this article, we'll explore how to optimize the use of Midjourney with prompts for historical scenes. Yes, you read that right, historical scenes. From Napoleon to the French Revolution to the Victorian era, get ready for a journey through time! Oh, and don't forget, we have to follow certain rules to make our prompts work. First of all, we have to use a direct style, without being too familiar. It's as if we were talking to a friend, but a very intelligent friend who needs precise instructions. We'll vary the length of our sentences, using very short sentences and normal sentences. And of course, we'll add a touch of humor because… well, why not? Who says artificial intelligence has to be boring? Now, get ready to plunge into the past with Midjourney. Hold on to your top hats and gladiator helmets, because we're about to take a trip back in time!

Examples of Midjourney prompt: historical scenes

Historical scene – Battle of Waterloo with Napoleon and British soldiers

Prompt used: “Battle of Waterloo, Napoleon, British soldiers, oil painting, dramatic clouds, sunset, realistic style” The historical scene is the Battle of Waterloo with Napoleon and British soldiers. I chose oil paint for its realism, and added dramatic clouds and a sunset for atmosphere.

Historical scene – New York City in the 1920s

Prompt used: “1920s New York City, black and white photography, skyscrapers, vintage cars, bustling streets, intricate details” The scene is New York City in the 1920s. I chose a black and white photograph for its vintage feel, with skyscrapers, vintage cars and busy streets.

Historical scene – Renaissance of Leonardo da Vinci's painting, the Mona Lisa

Prompt use: “Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci painting, Mona Lisa, detailed, soft lighting, classic masterpiece” The scene is a renaissance of Leonardo da Vinci's painting, the Mona Lisa. I chose soft lighting for its beauty and detail.

Historical scene – Egyptian pyramids with desert, Sphinx, Pharaoh and hieroglyphs

Prompt used: “Egyptian pyramids, desert, Sphinx, pharaoh, hieroglyphics, bright sun, clear blue sky, realistic style” The scene is the Egyptian pyramids with a desert, the Sphinx, a pharaoh and hieroglyphs. I added a bright sun and clear blue sky for a realistic image.

Historical scene – Middle Ages with castle, knights and jousting tournament

Prompt used: “Middle Ages, castle, knights, horses, jousting tournament, vibrant colors, detailed, classic painting style” The scene is the Middle Ages with a castle, knights, horses and a jousting tournament. I chose vibrant colors and a classic painting style to bring out the details.

Historical scene – Ancient Rome with the Colosseum, gladiators and spectators

Prompt used: “Ancient Rome, Colosseum, gladiators, spectators, dramatic, sunset, oil painting, detailed” The scene is ancient Rome with the Colosseum, gladiators and spectators. I chose an oil painting for its realism and added a sunset for drama.

Historical scene – Wild West with cowboys, saloon and horses

Prompt used: “Wild West, cowboys, saloon, horses, sepia photography, detailed, rustic” The scene is the Wild West with cowboys, a saloon and horses. I chose a sepia photograph for its rustic, detailed look.

Historical scene – Victorian London with fog, gas lamps and cobblestone streets

Prompt use: “Victorian London, foggy, gas lamps, cobblestone streets, horse carriages, vintage photography, detailed” The scene is Victorian London with fog, gas lamps, cobblestone streets and horse-drawn carriages. I chose a vintage photograph for its detail.

Historical scene – French Revolution with guillotine, crowds and stormy skies

Prompt used: “French Revolution, guillotine, crowd, dramatic, stormy sky, oil painting, dark colors” The scene is the French Revolution with a guillotine, crowd and stormy sky. I chose an oil painting for its realism and dark colors for the dramatic mood.

Historical scene – American Civil War with soldiers, battlefield and smoke

Prompt used: “American Civil War, soldiers, battlefield, cannons, smoke, sunset, oil painting, detailed, dramatic” The scene is the American Civil War with soldiers, a battlefield, cannons and smoke. I added a sunset for drama and chose an oil painting for realism.

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