10 examples of Prompts Midjourney for musical instruments

Welcome to all lovers of music and artificial intelligence! Today, we're diving into the fascinating world of musical instruments, through the prism of the Midjourne. Yes, that's right. We're going to combine the art of music with AI to create unique and striking images. Get ready for a sensory experience like no other. Let me give you a taste. Imagine a grand piano, violin and trumpet in a vintage room lit in the style of Rembrandt. Or perhaps you'd prefer a traditional Andalusian scene with a classical guitar and a flamenco dancer? How about a saxophone playing “Moody Blues”, all depicted in vibrant abstract art à la Picasso? Or maybe a rock concert with drums, all in a pop art atmosphere? These are exactly the kind of images we're going to create together. And guess what? You don't even need to know how to play an instrument to do it! All you need is your imagination and the Midjourney prompt, our AI-based image creation tool. It's an experience I've tried out myself, and I can tell you it's incredible. Each prompt is like a musical score that you play for the AI, which then creates a visual work of art based on your composition. It's fun, exciting and a little magical all at the same time. Now, enough talk. It's time to make music with the AI! Grab your virtual conductor's baton and follow me. Together, we'll explore the wonderful world of musical instruments with the Midjourney prompt.

Examples of Midjourney prompt: musical instruments

Musical instruments in a vintage room – Rembrandt style

Prompt used : “Grand piano, violin, trumpet in a vintage room, chiaroscuro lighting, Rembrandt style” I've chosen specific musical instruments to create a more accurate image. Rembrandt's style gives the image an old master feel.

Musical instruments – Saxophone, Moody Blues, abstract art in the style of Picasso

Prompt used : “Saxophone, Moody Blues, abstract art, vibrant colors, Picasso style, –style raw, –ar 16:9, –q 2” The addition of ‘Moody Blues' gives the image a mood, while Picasso's style makes the art abstract. Parameters adjust image quality and aspect ratio.

Classical guitar and flamenco dancer in an Andalusian scene – Goya style

Prompt used : “Classical guitar, flamenco dancer, Andalusian scene, Goya style, warm tones, –s 750” This prompt creates a traditional Spanish scene. The –s 750 parameter gives the image a more artistic look.

Drums in a rock concert – Energetic ambience in pop art style

Prompt used : “Drum set, rock concert, energetic mood, pop art, neon lights, –ar 9:16, –q 2” I chose a rock concert scene to give the image energy. The 9:16 aspect ratio is suitable for phone screens.

Cello in a serene forest – Monet's impressionist watercolor style

Prompt used : “Cello, serene forest, impressionistic watercolor, soothing colors, Monet style” Cello in a serene forest creates a peaceful image. Monet's style adds an impressionistic feel.

Harmonica – Nostalgic atmosphere of the American South in the style of Dorothea Lange

Prompt used : “Harmonica, blues musician, vintage American South, sepia tones, Dorothea Lange style, –style raw” This prompt creates a nostalgic image of the American South. Dorothea Lange's style gives a vintage photographic feel.

Cornemuse in the Scottish Highlands – Realistic landscape in the style of Turner

Prompt used : “Bagpipes, Scottish highlands, sunrise, realistic painting, Turner style, –ar 16:9, –s 750” The image creates a traditional Scottish landscape. Turner's style adds a sense of realistic painting.

Balaika and Russian folk dance – Winter scene in the style of Chagall

Prompt used : “Balalaika, Russian folk dance, winter scene, Chagall style, colorful, –q 2” Balalaika and folk dance create a traditional Russian scene. Chagall's style adds a touch of color.

Tabla – Classical Indian dance with temple decor in the style of Raja Ravi Varma

Prompt used : “Tabla, Indian classical dance, temple backdrop, Raja Ravi Varma style, vibrant colors, –ar 9:16, –s 750” This prompt creates an image of classical Indian art. The 9:16 aspect ratio is suitable for phone screens.

Accordeon – French café atmosphere in a Van Gogh-style street scene

Prompt used : “Accordion, French café, street scene, Van Gogh style, pastel colors, –style raw, –ar 16:9, –q 2” The accordion creates a French café atmosphere. Van Gogh's style gives the picture an impressionist feel. Photo to add

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