30+ tips to master ChatGPT like a pro

Understanding role assignment

One of ChatGPT's first features is the ability to assign roles before asking a question. For example, you can say “Act like you're a hacker” before asking ChatGPT to write something. This way, all his subsequent answers will adopt this pirate style, with specific vocabulary and expressions. I tested this by asking him to write a normal birthday letter, then one in the role of a pirate. The result in pirate mode was very fun and creative. It's a great way to make responses more original


Ask for different formats

ChatGPT can respond in a variety of formats: plain text, bulleted list, table, etc. Instead of simply listing information, you can ask ChatGPT to present it as a structured table, for example. I tested this by asking it to present me with a list of dog breeds in the form of a well-formatted table with their characteristics. The result was perfectly organized and visual. Handy for getting clear, well-presented information


Extract task lists

ChatGPT excels at extracting to-do lists from text paragraphs. For example, if your manager sends you instructions drowned in a long email, you can simply copy-

A ChatGPT conversation doesn't end with the first query. Feel free to ask follow-up questions to delve deeper into a topic. For example, after getting a shopping list, I can ask ChatGPT to organize it by department. This goes further than simply generating raw content


Explain in a simplified way

To better understand complex concepts, you can ask ChatGPT to explain them to you as if speaking to a child. I tested this for how cryptocurrencies work, and ChatGPT provided me with a very clear and simplified explanation. Very practical for grasping advanced subjects


Customize appearance

ChatGPT lets you customize certain display settings such as dark/light theme or automatic mode. Personally, I've opted for the dark theme, which is more comfortable for my eyes. Remember to explore the available options.

Share conversations

It's now possible to share read-only links to your ChatGPT conversations, which is handy for sharing information without giving access to your account. I tested this by emailing an explanation of cryptocurrencies generated by ChatGPT. Very handy.

Change the tone of a text

You can ask ChatGPT to change the tone or style of an existing text, to make it more casual, formal, enthusiastic etc. I had written a rather informal absence email to my manager. ChatGPT perfectly rewrote it in a much more professional and appropriate tone. Bluffing!

Adopting a personality's style

By specifying a celebrity or fictional character, you can generate text in the style associated with that role. For fun, I asked ChatGPT to write an advert in the style of Darth Vader. The result was very theatrical and true to the character!

Summarize knowledge

ChatGPT can generate summaries of complex articles or concepts to extract the gist quickly. Very useful when you don't have time to read a long document in detail. I tested it on an in-depth article, and ChatGPT provided me with a condensed summary in a few perfectly synthesized key points. Ideal for quickly assimilating new knowledge.

Switching to the Pro formula

If you use ChatGPT intensively, the paid Pro formula offers many interesting advantages: priority access, better performance, more availability, additional plugins etc. If ChatGPT has become a key tool for you, the Pro version is definitely worth the cost in my opinion. I opted for it and don't regret it


Explore plugins

Numerous plugins enhance ChatGPT's functionality: advanced graphing tools, shopping list creation, calculations… There are hundreds of plugins to discover depending on your needs. Personally, I've skimmed through the available options, and there's a wealth of possibilities to explore. Plan to devote some time to it.

Analyze web pages

Using the web browsing function, you can provide ChatGPT with a URL and ask it to analyze the page content to advise you. I tested on the URL of my personal website, and ChatGPT provided me with an in-depth SEO analysis with very relevant recommendations. Very strong for auditing and understanding websites

Create reusable templates

To save time, you can create question templates with placeholders to fill in as needed. For example, I've created a template to generate my sports training sessions, which I can easily reuse each week by modifying a few parameters. Handy for capitalizing on your best queries.

Improve your writing

As well as generating new texts, ChatGPT can also help you improve existing ones. Feel free to submit your drafts for editing and polishing. This results in better quality content


Step-by-step guides

To accomplish complex tasks, ask ChatGPT to explain the step-by-step procedure. I tested to generate general terms of use for my website. ChatGPT guided me by asking questions, then produced an excellent customized draft. Very handy for getting help.


Don't forget to use ChatGPT for a little entertainment! For example, you can ask her to tell you stories, recommend books, music, etc. I solicited ChatGPT to suggest movies similar to my favorites, and discovered some great recommendations I didn't know about


Code assistance

ChatGPT can help you debug computer code by examining code snippets and bug descriptions. Personally, it has already helped me solve technical problems on my website by generating the appropriate corrective code. Handy for any developer!

Generate ideas

By providing ChatGPT with criteria, it can produce a wealth of interesting ideas, useful for brainstorming. I t

You can export your ChatGPT conversations by email to archive all your generated data. Tested and approved: in 2 clicks I was able to retrieve all my conversations in zip format for backup. Handy for preserving your nuggets!

Limits to be aware of

ChatGPT has limits to keep in mind: its knowledge stops at the end of 2021, it can generate erroneous elements, be too assertive… It's important to keep a critical mind and check sensitive information. Above all, ChatGPT remains an AI with limited capabilities


Natural language

In my experience, ChatGPT works best when addressed in natural language, just like a real person. There's no need to make your requests too technically complex. Simple, everyday language gives the best results


Check for originality

Remember to quickly check that texts generated by ChatGPT are not illegal copies before use, to avoid any worries. Personally, I've never encountered plagiarism, but a precautionary Google search is still recommended


Revise efficiently

ChatGPT is very effective for generating quizzes, summary sheets, questions… to revise a new subject quickly. I tested it to assimilate historical knowledge, and the quizzes generated by ChatGPT saved me precious time.

Exploiting my knowledge

It's possible to provide ChatGPT with information, then ask it to develop a new text based on this knowledge. For example, I gave it a list of movies, then asked it to write an article about them. This opens up possibilities for creating enriched content.

Get custom shots

By providing details about your profile and goals, ChatGPT can generate fully customized plans, such as a meditation program tailored to you. I got a tailor-made program simply by giving a few details about myself. Ideal for individualized coaching!

Toujours plus ChatGPT

To go further, I invite you to check out my other articles and my YouTube channel, where I regularly share advanced tutorials and feedback on using ChatGPT. Feel free to subscribe to be notified of new videos!

I hope all these tips will help you get the most out of ChatGPT. Don't hesitate to try out each of these features for yourself. Have fun!

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