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Boomy is a revolutionary online platform that allows absolutely anyone to create music from A to Z thanks to artificial intelligence, and without any prior musical knowledge or skills. In this comprehensive article, I'll present my extensive test of Boomy after several weeks of intensive use, my uncompromising opinion of the service's strengths and weaknesses, and a detailed analysis of the various prices and subscription packages on offer


Full, detailed Boomy test

I tested Boomy from top to bottom for several weeks, creating many songs with the default options and then exploring all the customization possibilities. Here's my full feedback on every aspect of the platform:

Simple, intuitive song creation

Creating songs is incredibly simple and intuitive on Boomy. Simply choose a musical style from a supplied library, then select a beat from several proposals. Seconds later, Boomy magically generates a complete melody and original lyrics


The list of musical styles on offer ranges from pop and electronic music to hip hop, rock, country and blues. Although quite extensive, I still find the choice of genres a little lacking in diversity compared to my initial expectations. Fortunately, it's possible to create your own style from scratch


Extensive song customization

Where Boomy shines, in my opinion, is in the many possibilities offered for customizing the AI-generated result. You can literally reshape your song note by note, change all the instruments, import your own samples and even record your voice on the track.

I particularly appreciated the ease with which I could rearrange the structure of the verses and choruses to perfectly suit my desires. The customization tools are comprehensive, powerful and easy to learn


Professional song output

Once the song has been created and refined, Boomy guides the user through the process of releasing it on streaming platforms. One can compile one's song into an album, create a custom or AI-generated cover, choose a specific release date

Boomy then submits the music to a moderation team before uploading it to partner sites. The process is clear, progressive and highly professional. The only regret is that you can't choose precisely on which platforms to publish your creations


Uncluttered interface and intuitive workflow

From a technical point of view, Boomy offers a clean, minimalist interface, where the various options are perfectly highlighted. Creating songs is a matter of a few clicks, and the workflow feels extremely natural


One might criticize the impossibility of working on several projects simultaneously: you have to save and close a song before creating a new one. In my opinion, this limitation should be reviewed in future updates


Collaborative and community aspect

Where many competitors have completely missed the mark, Boomy offers extremely well-designed social and collaborative features. You can easily give your opinion on other members' creations and exchange ideas with them


Above all, it's possible to collaborate with other users on the same song, an excellent way to progress by helping each other. In short, the community dimension is, in my opinion, one of Boomy's great strengths


My critical and objective opinion of Boomy

After several weeks of assiduous use, I'm convinced that Boomy perfectly fulfills its main mission: to enable absolutely anyone to quickly create quality music without any technical skills


Artificial intelligence works wonders here, generating solid melodies and lyrics. Of course, the raw result doesn't come close to matching the work of a professional, but with a bit of customization, you soon get something surprisingly convincing


The uncluttered interface and publishing process make it very easy for complete beginners to get to grips with. The advanced customization options will satisfy even experienced users


That said, Boomy isn't without its faults either. The lack of diversity in the musical genres on offer is regrettable, as is the absence of basic features such as working on several songs in parallel.

But all in all, I'd heartily recommend Boomy to anyone who wants to discover the pleasure of composing music without the headache. It's without a doubt the ideal service for complete beginners and amateur musicians alike


Detailed analysis of prices and subscription formulas

Let's now turn our attention to the various pricing packages offered by Boomy:

Free formula

  • Unlimited song creation
  • 25 song backups maximum
  • 1 album limited to 3 songs
  • No MP3 download possible

The free package lets you get to grips with the software and create a few simple songs for demonstration purposes. Please note, however, that commercial use is prohibited


Creator formula at $9.99/month

  • 500 song backups
  • 3 albums per month, up to 15 in total
  • 25 songs maximum per album
  • 10 MP3 downloads per month
  • Authorized non-commercial use

In my opinion, the Creator formula is the best choice for most amateur musicians. One can produce in reasonable quantities for personal or semi-professional use

Pro formula at $29.99/month

  • Unlimited song backups
  • 10 albums per month maximum
  • 25 songs per album
  • 25 MP3 and WAV downloads
  • Commercial use of creations authorized

The Pro package is clearly aimed at artists wishing to exploit their Boomy creations commercially and professionally. The price remains affordable in view of the possibilities offered.

In conclusion

To sum up my opinion, Boomy is a little marvel that democratizes music creation and makes it accessible to as many people as possible, even complete beginners. Despite a few limitations, Boomy stands out in my opinion as THE ultimate reference for serenely embarking on songwriting. I highly recommend trying out this excellent, innovative platform for yourself!

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