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Detailed presentation of ElevenLabs

ElevenLabs is a leading technology research company specializing in artificial intelligence technologies applied to voice. Their core mission is to make content accessible to everyone by developing AI-based audio technologies that are realistic, versatile and contextual


To this end, they offer an extensive library of AI-generated voices, with hundreds of voices covering more than 20 different languages. Thanks to their leading position in advanced voice AI research, they are constantly at the forefront of innovation and incorporate the latest advances into their models and features. These cutting-edge technologies are accessible to different types of users (designers, editors, developers…) via web applications and APIs


Detailed key features

The text-to-speech functionality enables any written text to be realistically converted into speech, thanks to the highly advanced generative artificial intelligence model developed by ElevenLabs. In concrete terms, users can easily create voice-overs or audio readings of texts, with a wide choice of emotions, accents and vocal styles. They have precise control over all the characteristics of the generated voice: timbre, flow, intonation, accentuation, etc. This great flexibility enables them to obtain results perfectly tailored to their needs

The major asset of this tool lies in its ability to finely analyze the context and meaning of the text to render a more natural and realistic sound result, with the right emotions and intonations. The generated voice thus seems to understand and interpret the text


The VoiceLab feature is a powerful tool for creating and customizing synthetic voices. It makes it very easy to create entirely new voices or to customize existing ones, without the need to provide any training data whatsoever. The integrated Voice Design tool gives access to numerous parameters for precisely shaping the voice: age, gender, accents, timbre, intonations, etc.

The must-have is the instant voice cloning feature, allowing you to reproduce your own voice identically in just a few minutes of audio recording! Even 1 minute can be enough. This revolutionary feature is immediately accessible regardless of subscription formula


Another very interesting feature: professional voice cloning. This cutting-edge tool makes it possible to create ultra-realistic digital copies of one's own voice, for subsequent use in various projects requiring a voice-over. The system is capable of imitating the clone voice in different languages, eliminating the need to record new data for each language


ElevenLabs has built very robust security measures into this voice cloning system, so that each voice generated is accessible and usable only by the user who created it.

Finally, the Voice Library is a comprehensive platform giving access to a large collection of unique synthetic voices, created with the Voice Design tool. Users can find the perfect voice for their projects (videos, audiobooks, video games…), easily filtering by various criteria such as gender, age, accent…

ElevenLabs also encourages user community participation on this platform. Users can talk to each other, share their voice creations and even be rewarded when their voice is used by others!

Full registration process

Registering on the ElevenLabs platform is a quick and easy process, achievable in just a few steps:

  • Step 1: simply go to the ElevenLabs home page and click on the menu icon (3 horizontal lines) at top right.
  • Step 2 : 2 options are then available for registration: register directly with your Google account or register manually with your email.
  • Step 3 : in the case of email registration, a verification email is sent to the address indicated.
  • Step 4: go to this email and click on the “Verify email” link to finalize the registration.

The only information required is a valid email address and password. The verification email sent is an additional verification step.

Once the email has been verified, simply log in again to start using the platform. No complex installation or configuration process is required.

Comprehensive user guides

To use the text-to-speech functionality:

  • Step 1: the user must first customize the generated voice by choosing from the many options (pre-recorded voices, cloned voices or custom voices). He can really fine-tune all the voice parameters to his liking thanks to the advanced settings.
  • Step 2: he then enters the text to be synthesized, writing naturally in one of the many supported languages.
  • Step 3: within seconds, the synthesized audio is generated. Users can listen to it directly and download it in the format of their choice
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To use the professional voice cloning feature:

  • Step 1: the user must choose this advanced feature in the VoiceLab space (requires a minimum Creator subscription)
  • Step 2: he must then provide between 30 minutes and 3 hours of audio recordings of samples of his voice. The more data, the better the quality of the clone
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  • Step 3 : samples are checked by ElevenLabs to ensure that they belong to the user and are of good technical quality.
  • Step 4: once validated, the voice clone is generated within a few hours. The user is notified as soon as it is ready to be used for text-to-speech.

To use the voice library:

  • Step 1: you need to select the voice library in the interface.
  • Step 2: users can then refine their voice search by fine-tuning parameters (gender, age, accent, etc.) to find samples that perfectly match their preferences.
  • Step 3: he can listen to the voices, download them and use them in his projects if he wishes.

The many advantages

One of the main benefits is the cutting-edge technology of advanced voice cloning, allowing you to create realistic digital clones of your own voice or generate entirely new synthesized voices.

It's very interesting for any company that needs to generate voice-overs (audiovisual production studios, advertising agencies, video game developers…). E-learning centers also use it to bring their educational content to life. Ditto for companies offering virtual voice assistants.

Another major advantage: theuniversal accessibility of content enabled by multilingual voice generation. Textual content can be made easily accessible in any language, with realistic voices


This helps to reach a much wider audience, which is invaluable for companies aiming for internationalization. It's also very useful for language centers and organizations helping people with visual impairments or illiteracy


Furthermore, As ElevenLabs is at the forefront of AI research, developers and engineers can quickly access the latest advances via APIs, and create applications exploiting the very latest innovations in text-to-speech.

Finally, the community dimension is a real plus. AI, voice and audio enthusiasts can exchange ideas, help each other create the best voices and share their creations. It's very motivating!

The complete price list

ElevenLabs offers highly flexible subscriptions to suit the needs of every user profile:

  • Free formula: 10,000 characters/month, possibility of creating 3 personalized voices, no commercial license required. Perfect for discovering the service
  • Starter package at $1/month: 30,000 characters/month, creation of 10 personalized voices, commercial license included. Beginner profiles.
  • Creator formula at $22/month: 100,000 characters/month, 30 personalized voices, professional voice cloning of one's own voice, high-definition 96 kbps audio. For demanding creatives
  • Independent Publisher formula at $99/month: 500,000 characters/month, up to 160 personal voices, analytical dashboards, $0.24 per additional 1,000 characters. Suitable for independent publishers
  • Growing Business formula at $330/month: 2,000,000 characters/month, up to 660 personal voices, $0.18 per additional 1,000 characters. For fast-growing companies
  • Enterprise formula on quotation: customized quotas, exclusive voices, high-volume discounts, priority queue, enterprise SLA, dedicated support. Intended for large groups

Various use cases

ElevenLabs' text-to-speech technology has many real-world use cases:

  • Voice assistants : ElevenLabs enables the creation of virtual assistants with a natural, expressive voice, for applications in customer service, education, e-commerce, etc.
  • Digital media: video game studios, animated film studios, audiobook platforms, use ElevenLabs to generate immersive voices at low cost.
  • Digital accessibility: voices generated by ElevenLabs improve the accessibility of digital content for the visually impaired (audio books, voice assistants)
  • Translations: translation agencies use ElevenLabs to synthesize voices in all target languages from the original script.
  • Advertising: generated voices can be used to create advertisements or product tutorials in any language.
  • Voice-overs: ElevenLabs is ideal for creating neutral or expressive voice-overs for video or e-learning presentations.
  • Dubbing : dubbing studios can use cloned voices to speed up dubbing in different languages.
  • Audio-guides: realistic voices are very useful for tourist audio-guides or audio descriptions.
  • Call automation: call centers automate outbound calls with natural voices.

ElevenLabs also makes it easy to create voices for short videos on social networks:

  • TikTok : creators use ElevenLabs to generate funny voices or dubbings for their sketches and humorous videos.
  • Instagram Reels: influencers integrate synthetic voices into their Reels to create comedic effects or inform their followers.
  • YouTube Shorts : ElevenLabs is used by YouTubers to synthesize catchy voices in their Shorts, for storytelling or tutorials.

Thanks to the ease of use of ElevenLabs' AI voices, any content creator can easily produce trendy, viral videos for TikTok, Instagram, YouTube etc.

The possibilities are endless! ElevenLabs democratizes the use of AI voices

My detailed user experience analysis

I had the opportunity to test in detail the main functionalities of the ElevenLabs platform

Concerning the text-to-speech, the big highlight is the ability to very finely customize the generated voice to suit one's specific needs. The settings are truly comprehensive. The integration of text context in the synthesis to generate a more natural voice is also an excellent idea


On the other hand, audio quality can sometimes still lack naturalness on certain uncommon words or accents. The expressive aspect of the generated voice also needs to be improved to convey all the subtleties of human emotions


For instant voice cloning, accessible with the free offer, simplicity is the big advantage. In just a few minutes, you can effortlessly clone your voice. But depending on the quality of the samples provided, the rendering often lacks precision


Professional voice cloningoffers bluffly realistic results thanks to cutting-edge AI, but requires more work to provide sufficient vocal data. It's therefore more suited to demanding professional applications


Overall,even if there's still room for improvement, ElevenLabs is already offering cutting-edge AI voice technologies!

Recommendations for future users

Here are some recommendations for those considering using this platform:

  • Think carefully beforehand about the desired uses in order to choose the most suitable subscription formula.
  • Take the time to test the quality of the voices generated and their suitability for your needs.
  • Provide studio quality vocal samples in sufficient quantity if you want to clone your voice professionally.
  • Compare with other software solutions on the market to choose the best one.
  • Respect the terms of use in an ethical manner.
  • Consult online reviews for feedback from other users.
  • Be patient as technology continues to advance rapidly.

In conclusion, with a minimum of caution, ElevenLabs already offers a very satisfying user experience for exploring the infinite potential of generative AI applied to voice!

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