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Kapwing is a versatile online multimedia editing platform designed to simplify the process of creating and editing various types of visual content. According to their official website, Kapwing's mission is to enable digital storytelling. Kapwing believes that this AI tool can empower anyone to create, edit and share videos, and we're working towards this goal by developing a collaborative, online tool for video editing and content creation.

home page

Kapwing's homepage gives a good overview of the key features offered by the platform. You can see its focus on ease of use, accessibility and speed to create engaging content


The interface is modern, uncluttered and intuitive. The visuals highlight the versatility of the tools on offer. Overall, the home page is welcoming and makes you want to explore the platform in more detail


Home page URL: www.kapwing.com


Video editing

Kapwing's video editing suite allows users to edit, cut, add text and subtitles, and apply effects to videos

The interface is easy to get to grips with. Simply upload the video, then use the timeline to rearrange and trim clips, incorporate animations or filters. Even a beginner can achieve professional-quality editing


Customization options are comprehensive, with a well-stocked library of effects, transitions, audio and video filters. The previewer lets you check rendering in real time


This online editing tool eliminates the need to download cumbersome software and makes it easy to edit videos from any device.

Memes generator

Kapwing's memes generator simplifies the creation of humorous memes using images, text and captions.

It offers a wide variety of popular meme templates. You select the template, customize the text, and Kapwing instantly generates the meme ready to share. Very handy for creating viral content for social networks


The built-in editor also lets you create your own memes from scratch by importing an image or starting from a blank canvas. Fonts, colors and all visual elements can be adjusted

The memes created are optimized for sharing on all major social platforms.

Text-based video editor

This revolutionary feature lets you modify a video simply by editing its text. Simply delete some text and the corresponding part of the video is automatically cut


A considerable time-saver compared with conventional video editing. Ideal for quickly producing summaries or teasers from long videos.

The text editor displays the automatic transcript of the uploaded video. Text sections can then be edited, deleted or rearranged to fine-tune the final edit.

Changes are applied in real time to the video preview. Once editing is complete, all that remains is to export the edited video.


Kapwing registration is t

2. Upload your multimedia files

3. Explore the features available from the main menu.

The interface is designed to be intuitive, allowing you to quickly familiarize yourself with the Kapwing environment.

The classic workflow consists of:

  1. Import an image, video, text…
  2. Edit it with the appropriate tool (video editor, memes generator…)
  3. Export it in the right format for sharing

Video editing

To use the video editor:

  1. Select “Video editing” from the main menu
  2. Upload the video to be edited.
  3. Use the timeline to cut, rearrange clips, add text.
  4. Apply effects and transitions.
  5. Preview and save edited video.

The editor offers advanced options such as piping to overlay videos, custom transitions, animations… Editing is entirely achievable from within Kapwing without the need for external tools.

Numerous video tutorials are available on Kapwing's YouTube channel for training on the editor.

Memes generator

To create a meme:

  1. Enter a subject or phrase
  2. Choose from a selection of AI-generated memes.
  3. Customize and export.

The AI memes generator allows you to create memes semi-automatically by simply entering a phrase or subject.

It's also possible to create a meme from scratch by importing your own visuals into the built-in editor and adding text.

Numerous templates and fonts are available to customize your meme before sharing it on networks.

Text-based editor

To edit a video by text:

  1. Upload video
  2. Generate the text transcript.
  3. Edit text to edit video.

This revolutionary editor takes advantage of automatic transcription to allow you to modify a video just by editing its text.

Passages deleted in the transcript will be automatically cut from the video when exported. A considerable time-saver!

The text editor even transcribes dialogue present in the video for even more precise editing.


Accessibility and ease of use

Kapwing's intuitive interface makes multimedia editing accessible to users of all levels. Ideal for social networking enthusiasts, content creators, educators

Kapwing is all about simplicity and efficiency. Even beginners can quickly create engaging, professional content thanks to the many wizards and automated options.

Instant access and online editing

The online platform guarantees instant access to editing tools from any connected device. Handy for on-the-go creators and those without access to advanced editing software


Online editing eliminates the need to download cumbersome software and makes it easy to edit videos from your smartphone on the go.

Wide variety of creative templates

Kapwing offers a vast collection of creative templates covering many content formats. Very useful for easily creating social posts, presentations, marketing materials

Templates make work easier by providing already-designed bases for all types of visual content. All that's left to do is customize according to your needs.

A precious time-saver when you have to produce a lot of content for social networks.

Édition collaborative

Kapwing's collaborative features enable multiple users to work together on the same project simultaneously. Ideal for projects requiring multiple contributions

We can invite other users to collaborate on our creation. Everyone sees the changes live. Communication is facilitated by an integrated chat


Very practical for frictionless remote co-creation. Revisions are also simplified.



  • Basic editing tools
  • Memes generator
  • Export with watermark
  • Videos up to 4 min

The free package gives access to Kapwing's main features: video editor, memes generator, templates…

Ideal for getting to grips with the platform and making simple creations. However, the watermark encourages you to upgrade to a paid subscription


Pro: $16/month

  • All features
  • No watermark
  • Videos up to 120 min
  • Unlimited storage
  • Branded fonts and kits
  • Collaborative space

Pro subscription opens full access to Kapwing for just $16/month

No more watermarks, long video editing, unlimited uploading… Enough to complete all your creative projects.

Pricing remains affordable thanks in particular to monthly billing with no commitment.

Enterprise: ~$50/month

  • Unlimited subtitling minutes
  • Unlimited translation minutes
  • Unlimited use of AI func.
  • Dedicated support
  • Training and integration

The Enterprise package is aimed at key accounts with specific needs: multilingual subtitling, automatic translation…

It also offers priority customer service, training and integration.

Pricing is given on a quotation basis according to the needs of the client company.

Use cases

Kapwing is ideal for:

Influencers and community managers

Who want to create eye-catching content for social networks. Templates and editing options make it easy to create stories or posts that stand out.

Les marketeurs

Who want to design engaging visuals optimized for every platform. Kapwing makes it easy to produce bespoke designs for every social network


Teachers and online course creators

Who want to enrich their video tutorials with interactive elements. Editing options help make educational content more impactful

Les particuliers

Who want to create personalized greeting cards for special occasions. With templates and design options, creating a unique card becomes child's play.

Event organizers

To put together compilations of the best moments in the form of video recaps. The video editor makes it easy to create engaging teasers or best-of's.

My review

I found Kapwing very easy to get to grips with. Even as a beginner, I was quickly able to create professional-quality content

The video editing tools are comprehensive yet easy to approach. The memes generator is bluffing in its speed and relevance.

The Pro subscription offers excellent value for money. Advanced features such as retranscription to edit videos by text are well worth the $16 monthly fee.

All in all, Kapwing is a versatile platform that gives everyone the means to turn their creative ideas into reality. I highly recommend it to visual content enthusiasts


Customer service is also responsive in the event of a technical problem. I had a quick response via chat during an export problem.

The Kapwing community is also active on social networks, which enables exchanges with other designers.

In the end, Kapwing covers just about every need for innovative visual content creation, all accessible from any device. It's my new daily essential tool!

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