Making money with AI: The 21 best techniques

I'll show you all the tricks to monetize AI and make money. Create designs easily for print-on-demand, launch a YouTube channel without showing your face, create and optimize a website for search engines, produce viral images for social networks… Thanks to revolutionary AI tools, every idea can be turned into money! Don't have the skills or the budget? No problem! I'll show you how to make the most of AI, simply and with minimal investment. Ready to earn a living by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence? This page is for you!

Content creation with AI

Print on Demand with AI

I have to tell you first about “print on demand” and artificial intelligence, it opens up huge revenue prospects! Tools like Midjourney, DALL-E and Stable Diffusion make it possible to endlessly create eye-catching visuals that will sell like hotcakes on derivative products.

By typing just a few lines of text, these AIs generate original designs that you can put on T-shirts, posters, mugs… Whatever appeals to online communities these days!

Some resell AI creations directly on sites like Printify or Printful. Others prefer to monetize through influencer partnerships and dropshipping. But in all cases, prices are highly profitable:

  • A €25 t-shirt can generate a €10 margin
  • An 18€ mug can generate 6€ profit

With sales of several hundred units per design, you can easily make an income of several thousand euros a month! So go ahead, AI + print on demand is thewinning combination right now!

Speaking of business, I strongly advise you to sign up for my “Money IA” training course if you want to start making money with AI fast.

It's a step-by-step guided training course that allows you to set up your Print on Demand business from A to Z thanks to AIs like Midjourney, DALL-E and Stable Diffusion.

You'll discover how to easily generate eye-catching visuals with these AI tools, which you can then put on merchandising products such as t-shirts, mugs, posters… to build up substantial revenues.

This training course will give you all the keys you need to get started and create your own AI business.

So don't hesitate, sign up now for “Money IA” to start your Print on Demand business with ease!

Money IA: The Step-by-Step Method to Make Money with AI!

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Creating YouTube videos with AI

Have you thought about opening your own YouTube channel? With today's tools, creating quality videos is child's play.

In just a few clicks, you can have videos edited, styled, subtitled, with music… All automatically produced by AI!

No need to show your face or use your voice if you don't want to. You just concentrate on the texts and scenarios.

This opens the door to a whole host of highly lucrative business models:

  • Niche subjects like tech, gaming or philosophy are perfect for this anonymous format.
  • YouTube revenues can easily add up to hundreds of euros a month.
  • You can also become an affiliate and sell your own physical and digital products!

With a steady rate of publication, your recurring income can quickly take off. Of course, providing quality content and value remains the key. So, tempted by the adventure?

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Video editing for social networks

Social networks like Instagram, TikTok and Facebook are goldmines for those who know how to create viral videos. AI opens up new perspectives in this field. Tools such as Invideo, Clipchamp and Biteable enable you to :

  • Generate eye-catching visual effects
  • Easilyedit and trim videos
  • Add automatic subtitles

The result is videos that are optimized for every social network, without the need for technical skills. Some work as freelance video editors, creating tailor-made content for their clients. Rates are very profitable:

  • Simple editing from €50
  • Complete video with effects from 150€

Others use these tools to boost their own business by creating highly engaging sponsored videos or teasers. The monetization opportunities are numerous: product placements, affiliate links, advertising… Sponsored videos on TikTok or Facebook can earn hundreds of euros.

Creating websites with AI

I have a feeling you're interested in AI-powered website creation! Today, it's easy to generate complete websites without a single line of code.

Tools like 10Web or Hostinger let you do it all in just a few clicks. All you have to do is enter the sector and the pages you want, and the AI takes care of the rest! In just a few minutes, you'll have an optimized, responsive site with excellent natural referencing.

As a result, more and more freelancers and agencies are offering this AI-driven site creation service. It's very profitable:

  • A basic showcase site can cost €500
  • A complete e-commerce site costs around 2000€

With 5 to 10 customers a month, you can easily exceed €3000 in recurring revenue every month!

So, are you ready for the adventure? Now's your chance!

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Creating logos with AI

Logo creation is a buoyant market that can make big money thanks to AI.

Tools such as Looka, Designs AI, LogoMaker or simply Midjourney / Dall-e / Stable Diffusion can instantly generate hundreds of bespoke logos from simple Prompts.

Even with few design skills, anyone can position themselves as a freelance logo designer for startups and SMEs. All it takes is a good grasp of the basics of branding and current graphic trends. Then, artificial intelligence takes care of translating your ideas into logos.

Rates can easily start at 200€ for a simple logo. You can expect to pay €500 for a more elaborate logo and graphic charter. Some even charge up to €5,000 for a complete brand identity. And they can handle dozens of clients a month!

Mastering AI applied to design is clearly the key to making a comfortable income in this sector. The opportunities are numerous: logos, graphic guidelines, illustrations… AI opens up a whole new world of possibilities for launching a profitable design business.

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Creating content for social networks

Hey friend, I think you're interested in the potential of social networking! With AI, it's become a real Eldorado for those who know how to use it.

The race for engagement is pushing networks to reward eye-catching content. AI is perfect for this! Tools like DALL-E or Midjourney generate striking visuals that buzz on Instagram and TikTok.

Combine that with ChatGPT-optimized captions, and you've got guaranteed viral posts. Some are already making a fortune reselling this content or via influence.

Even without technical skills, you can position yourself as a freelance social media manager. All you need to do is understand the codes of the networks and use AI to create ultra-engaging, tailor-made content.

The monetization possibilities are endless: subscriptions, ads, affiliation, dropshipping… So, tempted by the experience? Now's the time to get started!

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Creating images with AI

I have a feeling you're intrigued by the creative potential of AI. Thanks to the latest advances in AI image generation, anyone can now create high-quality visuals from scratch.

All you have to do is give a text description of the image you want, and the AI does the rest! Revolutionary tools such as DALL-E 3, Midjourney or Stable Diffusion can generate all kinds of images from textual “prompts”: idyllic landscapes, stylized portraits, product mockups, complex illustrations and more. The creative potential is endless!

What's even more exciting is that these images can be sold on marketplaces dedicated to graphic designers and illustrators. GraphicRiver, Creative Market, Adobe Stock – the demand for unique, original visuals is enormous. They can be used for a wide range of purposes: presentation media, websites, advertising, books, packaging… The monetization possibilities are endless.

So if you've always dreamed of making a living from your creativity, AI is the perfect tool to make that dream a reality. By combining these image generators with a little artistic and business acumen, anyone can start selling image packs.

The potential for making ends meet or even a full-time living is enormous. AI opens up fascinating prospects for making money through creativity!

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Creating books with AI

It's amazing how AI technology is making it so much easier to create and sell books. Thanks to revolutionary tools like Execreate or Shortly, anyone can automatically generate an entire book simply by supplying a text description. In just a few clicks, you have a manuscript ready for publication as a children's book, a novel, a cookery book, and so on.

It's a golden opportunity for easy money-making. You no longer need to spend hours writing or creating illustrations. AI takes care of everything! You can then use print-on-demand services to produce only the number of copies ordered by customers. No need for stock or financial risk-taking.

In short, today's AI tools are paving the way for a new era of publishing, where anyone can become an author and earn a living creating and selling automatically generated books.

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Copywriting and services

Offering editorial services with AI

Thanks to spectacular advances in generative AI, creating optimized texts has never been easier! Editorial assistants such as Jasper, Rytr or simply ChatGPT or Claude enable you to produce articles, product sheets, web pages, etc. in just a few clicks.

All you have to do is give a precise prompt, and the AI takes care of the rest. With a little proof-reading and fine-tuning, you can quickly obtain quality content ready for delivery to your customers. The time savings are enormous compared to conventional copywriting!

It's the perfect opportunity to get started in content writing with ease. There's a wide range of opportunities: freelance web copywriter, technical copywriter, product sheet writer, etc. Potential clients range from SMEs to web agencies and freelance marketers.

With a bit of methodology to canvass customers and structure offers, anyone can make a living from content writing thanks to AI. The income potential is very attractive, depending on the production rate. AI paves the way for a new era in freelance writing, accessible to all with a minimum of investment. Enough to make dreams of independence come true!

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Writing has always been your passion, but you didn't necessarily see yourself becoming a web editor or journalist. No, what drives you is the art of using words in sales and marketing! Copywriting makes you dream, with its ability to thrill readers and boost business. But how do you break through when you have no training or experience in copywriting? Well, AI is here to make your dream come true!

Tools like Jasper or will revolutionize your approach. With just a few clicks, they can generate punchy drafts of catchy headlines, marketing emails, sales pages… All you have to do is refine them to match the customer'sbrand DNA. Say goodbye to hours of blank pages looking for inspiration!

Now's the time to launch yourself as a freelance copywriter, even without expertise. Personalize your AI texts and offer your services to SMEs, e-tailers, coaches… at attractive rates. Your customers will love the content that sells, boosts their image and conversions.

You'll make a living from your passion, thrill your readers, and thrive in this creative, high-powered profession. AI opens up copywriting to as many people as possible by stimulating creativity. So go for it – words are waiting for you to work their magic!

Sell SEO

You're passionate about SEO, and dream of helping websites boost their visibility and traffic. But how do you sell your services when you're just starting out in SEO? Good news, AI is going to make your dream come true!

Tools like Frase and SerpRobot are your new secret weapon. They automatically generate content optimized for search engines: the right keywords, the ideal structure, the right affiliate text… All you need to create SEO-friendly web pages and blog posts.

All you have to do is personalize this AI-generated content, and you're done! Now you can sell your SEO services to all small and medium-sized businesses, websites, blogs and e-businesses. Let them boost their visibility by optimizing their pages and articles with these AI superpowers.

They'll love the tailor-made content that helps them climb to the top of Google results. You, on the other hand, will be turning your passion into reality, helping sites to increase their traffic tenfold, and building up a nice portfolio of satisfied SEO customers.

So if you're passionate about SEO, go for it! AI makes SEO accessible to everyone. Search engines are just waiting for your well-written, ultra-optimized content to be indexed!

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Creating a niche blog with AI

Have you ever thought of creating your own blog? Sharing your passion, your expertise, with the whole world through a blog… What a great idea! The only problem is that finding the inspiration and time to write optimized articles is a real challenge. Fortunately, AI will turn your dream into reality!

Tools like ChatGPT and many others arecheat codes for every blogger. All you have to do is give the AI a few keywords in your prompt, and it will immediately generate complete, hard-hitting articles on ABSOLUTELY any subject. Yes, you read that right, any subject!

No more hours of searching for inspiration. The AI also integrates SEO recommendations to boost natural referencing. Pure joy for easy, regular publishing.

It's time to take the plunge and monetize your passion. Advertising, partnerships, affiliation… With AI, you can quickly make a profit from your niche blog. There's no stopping you from sharing your knowledge of your hobby and making a living from it.

So, are you ready to take the plunge? AI is changing the game and making the dream of millions of enthusiasts a reality. Create your own blog, express your creativity and boost your income with the superpowers of text generators. It's possible, and I'm here to prove it! Go for it, your success awaits.

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AI freelance services

Freelancing with AI

Passion, freedom, creating at your own pace: freelancing has been on your mind for a while. But dealing with the administrative, prospecting and mind-numbing tasks on your own is holding you back. Fortunately, AI will totally boost your business and make your wildest dreams come true!

Whatever your field – copywriting, graphic design, web dev… – aI will save you an enormous amount of time. No more hours wasted on non-value-added chores! Thanks to AI, you can concentrate on your core business and let artificial intelligence take care of the rest.

For example, as a freelance copywriter, all you have to do is polish texts generated automatically by AI. The same goes for the graphic designer, who will instantly receive proposals for logos and visuals. No need to start from scratch every time!

The productivity gains are just insane. You'll be able to multiply the number of projects by 2 or 3, and see your revenues soar. Revolutionary!

So, if freelancing has always been hampered by time-consuming management, AI is an absolute game-changer. Optimize and facilitate your work so you can concentrate on your passion. The tools are there, it's up to you to seize them and make your dreams of freedom and fulfillment come true! The world is opening its doors to you, so it's up to you to seize these opportunities. Let's freelancing IA!

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Selling prompts

You're fascinated by writing prompts, the magic of words that bring AI creations to life. You see in it an ocean of creative possibilities… and lucrative ones! Because yes, your expertise in prompts can be monetized in a thousand and one ways. Hang on, we're off on the hunt for opportunities!

First of all, you can create packs of optimized prompts that you can resell on specialized marketplaces. Your prompts, carefully designed and tested to generate striking visuals or text in a specific field, are worth their weight in gold! Buyers will snap them up to boost their productivity.

You can also offer your services as a customized prompts consultant. Individuals and companies will pay top dollar to benefit from your expertise and create unstoppable instructions for their AI projects. The mother lode!

And don't forget the video training courses or ebooks where you share your best prompts-writing practices. A goldmine for capitalizing on your knowledge.

Your prompter skills are extremely valuable in this new Eldorado of AI creation. So put your talent for words to work for you. Explore all these promising avenues. AI is just waiting for your instructions to bring your most ambitious projects to life!

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Dubbing with voice cloning

Dubbing voices, acting, recording audio books and commercials… You've got the soul of an actor and the passion to match. But breaking into this competitive business isn't easy. Fortunately, AI will make your dream come true and allow you to make a living from your voice!

Voice cloning is a revolutionary technology. By simply analyzing an audio recording, AI can now clone any voice to perfection. Amazing, isn't it? In just a few minutes, you'll have a perfect replica of your own voice or that of your characters.

The business applications are endless! You can offer your dubbing and voice-over services at low cost for audio books, radio commercials, videos and more. No more hours in the studio – AI clones your voice ad infinitum!

It's the dream tool for podcasters, youtubers and sound professionals. Save an incredible amount of time by generating hours of recordings in the voice of your choice. The potential is enormous!

So if you too dream of sharing your talent as a comedian, go for voice cloning. Combine your passion with this technology and you'll be able to offer your services at a fraction of the cost, and dub any voice you can think of. AI will boost your career and enable you to make a living from your greatest passion: bringing characters to life through words and intonation. Let your talent do the talking!

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AI-powered commerce and e-commerce

Using AI for your business (And Ecommerce)

E-commerce makes you tick! Selling your products to a community of customers, handling logistics, managing your site… you love it. But making beautiful photos, writing enticing descriptions and optimizing everything on your own is tedious. Fortunately, AI can help you with your business!

With tools like DALL-E and Midjourney, no more basic photos that don't enhance your products. AI will generate hyper-realistic visuals, in stylish settings that really make you want to buy. Pure emotional marketing!

And for product sheets, AI will write detailed descriptions that sell dreams, highlighting technical assets and customer benefits. Out with the boring, in with the engaging!

By analyzing visitors' behavior, it will even offer tailor-made suggestions to facilitate the act of buying. AI becomes your most loyal salesperson!

So if you too want to use AI to help your business succeed, free yourself from time-consuming tasks, and get your sales off the ground, go for it! AI is the secret weapon of every ambitious e-merchant. Optimize your shop window, seduce your customers, and get ready to break all your records! The future of e-commerce is shaping up to be magical.

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Trading with AI

The adrenalin of the financial markets thrills you, but spending hours analyzing charts to find the hidden gem isn't your cup of tea. Fortunately, AI will optimize your investments and make your trading dreams come true!

Forget human limitations, AI scans masses of data to detect the most profitable trends and opportunities. Tools like Zignaly and Cryptohopper generate ultra-precise buy/sell signals for profitable trading in equities, currencies and cryptos. Amazing!

No need to be an expert, these bots make quantitative trading accessible to all. Set your robot to your profile and it's on autopilot, generating profits 24/7. Financial freedom at last!

Of course, you need to remain cautious and manage your risks. But coupled with a sound strategy, AI will boost your returns like never before. Say goodbye to hours of tedious analysis!

So if you too dream of tapping into the potential of the markets without getting in over your head, go for AI. Try out platforms like Zignaly and let the algorithms optimize your investments. It's time to become the trader you've always dreamed of being!

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Generating leads with AI

Sales prospecting, that endless marathon in search of the rare pearl… It's a headache! Fortunately, AI will turn this chore into a pleasure, boosting your sales like never before. The future looks bright!

No more manual sorting of endless lists, AI intelligently analyzes your data to retain only the most relevant prospects. In just a few clicks, you'll have highly targeted, qualified B2B leads thanks to tools like Leadiro or Uplead. Pure bliss!

No need to prospect blindly, you'll have all the detailed information you need on your prospects to hit the bull's-eye: sales, workforce, technologies, etc. You'll be able to prepare tailor-made offers for your customers. Enough to prepare tailor-made offers.

The business potential is staggering. You can even resell your super leads at a premium! Companies will snap them up. It's an invaluable way of creating a juicy business.

So if you too dream of optimizing your prospecting, look no further than AI. Automate lead generation so you can concentrate on what really counts: customer appointments. Let the algorithms find the rare pearls for you. The future belongs to machines – it's time to get on board!

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Product and software development with AI

Create training courses with AI

Passing on your passion, sharing your knowledge, helping others to grow: you've never had any other dream. But creating training courses from A to Z, writing all the pedagogical content, is quite a challenge. Fortunately, AI is going to make your dream come true and allow you toteach the whole world!

With tools like Claude, Bard or ChatGPT, hours of writing are a thing of the past. All you have to do is give your instructions in natural language, and in just a few clicks you'll have pro-level courses ready for publication: scripts, support materials, quizzes… Magic!

You can then monetize these AI-generated courses in a thousand ways: courses on Udemy, online coaching, white labeling for companies, newsletters… The possibilities are endless for sharing your knowledge AND making a living from it.

So if you're keen to share your passion with others, take the plunge! Combine your expertise with the power of AI to create profitable training courses. Unleash your creative spirit and come up with innovative teaching formulas. AI will take care of the content.

It's time to bring your ideas to life andhelp others grow with your knowledge. The AI will be your right-hand man in this mission. Together, you have the power to change lives!

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Creating scripts and software with AI

You love creating scripts and extensions, and bringing your code ideas to life. But wasting hours on repetitive tasks isn't your thing. Fortunately, AI will revolutionize your productivity and enable you to code 10x faster!

Thanks to tools like GitHub Copilot, no more pointless routines. AI can generate quality source code in a wide range of languages: Python, JavaScript, Go… All you have to do is take care of the business logic and creative aspects. A dream come true!

By combining AI with your expertise, you'll be able to create extensions, plugins and scripts to turn your ideas into reality. Best of all, you'll even be able to sell them on platforms like CodeCanyon. The demand for automation and efficient integrations is enormous!

So if you too dream of spending less time on thankless tasks, and more time on your passion, go for AI! It will enable you to code 10x faster and make the most of your skills. Turn your ideas into reality and turn your passion into income. With AI, there's no stopping you from becoming the developer you've always dreamed of being!

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Other ways to make money with AI

The opportunities I've presented here are just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of other ways to generate income by exploiting the potential of AI.

You'll find a whole host of innovative ideas in my other articles below.

So don't hesitate to take a look and discover a whole world of possibilities with AI! The key is to find ideas that match your passions and skills.

Technology opens up infinite possibilities, so it's up to you to make your dreams come true. If you need help getting started, get in touch – I'd be delighted to brainstorm with you!

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