Midjourney Inpainting: A revolution in digital creation

Understanding inpainting

Inpainting is a state-of-the-art image retouching technology, enabling specific areas of an image to be seamlessly modified or reconstructed. In practical terms, inpainting allows you to intelligently “fill in” a selection, drawing on context and surrounding details to generate fresh, realistic content


It's a bit like a virtual artist “repainting” or “redrawing” part of the image to harmoniously match the rest. Inpainting is often compared to art restoration, where an expert meticulously retouches a painting damaged by time. Except that in the digital world, this work is carried out by artificial intelligence


The origins of inpainting

Digital inpainting was born in the 2000s, thanks to the work of researchers such as Bertalmio, Sapiro, Caselles, or Ballester. Algorithms developed at the time already made it possible to fill in missing or damaged areas in an image


Over the years, techniques have been refined, gaining in speed, precision and realism. The emergence of generative neural networks in recent years has taken inpainting to a new level.

The applications of inpainting

There are many uses for inpainting:

  • Delete or replace unwanted elements in a photo
  • Reconstruct corrupted or missing parts
  • Modify or enhance specific details
  • Change textures, colors, brightness on a given area
  • Insert new objects or characters into a scene
  • Transform a character's appearance
  • Restore damaged old films or images
  • Thanks to inpainting, artists and creators gain unprecedented control over their images.

Midjourney's revolutionary inpainting

With its “Vary Region” functionality, Midjourney takes inpainting to a new level, offering extraordinary possibilities.

An accessible and powerful tool

Unlike other complex inpainting solutions, Midjourney has made this technology accessible to everyone directly from Discord, with an intuitive interface.

Even beginners can start using it quickly and get bluffing results. And professionals have a powerful tool for fine-tuning their creations

An unprecedented level of precision

The precision of Midjourney's inpainting is remarkable. You can really target hyper-localized changes, down to the pixel. Control impossible to achieve with conventional promps


Whether erasing unsightly details, changing the color of a garment, altering the expression of a face, the transformations are surgical.

Realistic, consistent results

Midjourney's strong point is its ability to generate realistic retouching, perfectly integrated with the rest of the image, even over large areas. Where other tools produce wonky or unnatural results, Midjourney maintains impeccable visual consistency


Considerable time savings

No more hours spent on Photoshop to retouch or compose a perfect image. With Midjourney inpainting, you can achieve results in minutes that would take days of manual labor.

A huge time and creative flexibility saver for graphic designers, illustrators and other creators.

Step-by-step tutorial for using inpainting

Now let's see how to use this revolutionary feature in practice:

1. Generate an image with /imagine

Start by generating a basic image with the /imagine command

Example: a medieval princess in a dark forest in autumn, photorealistic rendering, dramatic lighting

2. Increase resolution with Upscale buttons

Use the Upscale buttons to achieve high resolution. The higher the definition, the better the results

3. Open the Vary Region editor

Click on the “Vary Region” button to open the inpainting editor

4. Select a zone

Using the brush or rectangle, select the part of the image to be modified. For best results, aim for between 20% and 50% of the image

5. Provide precise instructions

Describe the desired changes clearly in the text box. Example: “purple dress”

6. Start processing

Click on “Submit” to apply the changes. Midjourney will then generate a new, retouched version of the image

7. Repeat as necessary

If the result is not satisfactory, repeat the operation, adjusting the selection or instructions. Inpainting often requires several attempts

Tips for optimal results

Some tips for getting the most out of Midjourney inpainting:

Take a good look at the image before making a selection, to understand the guidelines
Start with small areas before aiming for large parts of the image
Give concise, precise instructions, describing textures, shapes, colors, shadows
Don't hesitate to make several attempts, slightly modifying the area or prompt
Play with the size and shape of the selection to influence the intensity of changes
Combine inpainting and prompts for maximum creative control

Limits and challenges

Inpainting can sometimes produce imperfect results if the area chosen is too large or the description provided lacks precision. A certain amount of learning is required before perfect mastery of this tool


But its advantages more than compensate for these challenges. Midjourney inpainting opens up extraordinary creative prospects. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, it's a formidable booster of imagination and artistic productivity.

This technology is still in its infancy. As updates become available, Midjourney inpainting will gain even more power and finesse. A real revolution for digital creation!

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