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Today, I'd like to share with you my experience of, an innovative artificial intelligence voice generation platform. From the moment you open their homepage, the site's potential is obvious. But let's take a look at what it's really like

. features

From my first moments on, I was confronted with an impressive array of features. Each tool seemed to have been carefully designed to meet a specific need in the digital audio world


Text-to-Speech: The future of storytelling's ability to transform text into speech is truly revolutionary. It's not just a robotic voice that reads text – it's a voice that sounds amazingly like a human. The applications are vast, from educational videos to commercials to interactive content


Speech-to-Speech: a change of voice in real time

Imagine being able to change your voice to sound like someone else's, all in real time. It's the future of voice dubbing, video games and maybe even phone calls. This feature has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with audio in the digital world.

Neural Audio Editing: Unprecedented control

As an expert, I've always sought total control over my projects. With neural audio editing, gives me that control. Every inflection, every intonation can be fine-tuned, enabling audio customization at the microscopic level


Prices and formulas

One of the major concerns of any professional, especially in the digital world, is profitability. It is therefore essentialto carefully examine the pricing formulas offered by, especially as this platform offers a diverse range of powerful tools

Prix0. 006 per secondOn quotation
Number of voices10 includedUnlimited
Users in the l'équipeIllimitéIllimité
Contrôle des émotionsDisponibleDisponible
Téléchargement audioDisponibleDisponible
Accès à l'APIDisponibleDisponible
Langues traduites262
Langues localisées262
Génération generationNot availableAvailable
Voice generation via APINot available disponibleDisponible
Langues étrangèresNon disponibleDisponible
API de streamingNon disponibleDisponible
Déploiement sur siteNon disponibleDisponible
Déploiement mobileNon disponibleDisponible
SLAs d'entrepriseNon disponibleDisponible

Formule Basic : The entry level's Basic formula is designed for those wishing to discover the platform without making a full commitment. Despite its more affordable price, it already offers a respectable set of features. With 10 voices included,unlimited accessibility for team users and projects, as well as emotion control and other features, it offers excellent value for money.

However, some of the advanced functions, such as real-time generation, are not available in this formula. In addition, the limitation to 2 languages for translation and localization may not suit everyone


Formule Pro: For true enthusiasts

Switching to the Pro formula is like entering a world of unlimited opportunities. The first obvious advantage is access to an unlimited number of voices. This potential is enormous for those working on varied projects requiring a variety of tones and accents. The addition of real-time generation and API-based voice creation functions offers unprecedented flexibility


With support for 62 languages, for both translation and localization, the Pro formula is clearly aimed at those with global ambitions. Other benefits, such as the streaming API, mobile and on-premise deployment, and enterprise SLAs, make this package particularly attractive for large enterprises or demanding professionals


Ma perspective

Weighing up the benefits of each formula, it's clear that has taken care to design offers tailored to different needs. The Basic formula is an excellent starting point for those who are new to the business or have moderate needs. The Pro package, on the other hand, is a wise investment for those looking for the crème de la crème in text-to-speech


What's really remarkable is the way has managed to put together packages that are both competitive and comprehensive. For the price, I'm convinced that this platform offers real added value to any audio professional


Concrete uses

Throughout my career, I've witnessed the constant evolution of technology., in particular, has been a revelation for me. This platform doesn't just promise us an innovative future; it's already offering us a plethora of concrete applications that are transforming the way we work and interact with the audio world


Voiceovers for videos

Imagine a world where creating voice-overs for explainer videos, promotions or tutorials is both fast and of impeccable quality. Thanks to, this dream has become a reality. Marketers, content creators and even individuals can now endow their videos with a professional voice without the cost or delay of a recording studio


Audiobooks and Podcasts

In the current era of audio content consumption, audiobooks and podcasts have seen their popularity soar. is positioned as an invaluable tool for creators, enabling smooth and naturalnarrations. This technology could well redefine the way we produce and consume content


E-Learning content

Education is evolving, and with it, the need to offer accessible and engaging learning resources. transforms the creation of online courses by providing a clear, understandable voice to guide learners. This is a tremendous asset for educators who want to make learning both interactive and inclusive

Intelligent customer service

The business world recognizes the importance of impeccable customer service. With, companies can now offer automated voice responses that don't sound robotic or impersonal. The idea of being able to humanize automated systems is a game-changer when it comes to customer relations

Localization and Entertainment

Reaching an international audience has never been easier. With support for multiple languages, is an invaluable tool for content localization. What's more, producers of video games, animation or other entertainment content can now offer realistic dubbing, enhancing the user experience


Branding and Marketing

Voice is an integral part of a brand's identity. With, companies have the opportunity to create a unique brand voice, reinforcing their identity and standing out in the marketplace.

My experience with voice cloning

The world of voice cloning is still largely uncharted territory for many of us. As an expert and enthusiast of technological advances, I was naturally eager to test's voice cloning capabilities. And of course, I had a few reservations and curiosities


Consent and data collection

Right from the start, what particularly impressed me was's concern for user security and privacy. Before even starting to clone my voice, the AI asked for my explicit consent. It's a crucial reminder that, even in this ever-changing digital world, trust and privacy remain paramount


The cloning process

Using the “Rapid Voice Cloning” function was an interesting experiment. Although it managed to capture certain aspects of my voice, I did notice a few inconsistencies. For example, one of the generated voices had a different accent, reminiscent of that of the American South, which was rather amusing. But it also shows that the technology, while promising, still has some imperfections


In the paid version, you're asked to read 25 prompts so that the AI can capture as much voice data as possible. This more detailed process undoubtedly gives better accuracy, but it also requires more commitment from the user


Strengths and weaknesses

The ability to add emotions to voices is, for me, one of's greatest strengths. Being able to instill sadness, joy or anger into a vocal clone adds a dimension of authenticity


However, some weaknesses are worth noting. As previously mentioned, not all the generated voices perfectly resemble the original. In addition, the inability to add effects to a recorded voice, unlike text-to-speech, limits certain applications



All in all, fulfills its mission, despite a few imperfections. If I had to give a grade, following the example provided, I'd say that a 20/20 would be a perfect photo taken by a human., as it stands, would get a 14/20. However, with technological advances, I'm convinced that in a few months, this score could improve. I'd be curious to retest the platform in the future

In the meantime, I consider a great ally for anyone looking to innovate in the audio field. It certainly deserves a chance


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