Say goodbye to annoying messages with Slack’s ChatGPT bot

Slack's ChatGPT conversational bot has just been rolled out, offering an automated response solution for users of the business communication platform. Owned by Salesforce, Slack has integrated this Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature into its work software, allowing for the automatic drafting of simple messages and meeting summaries.

By clicking on the three-dot icon in a conversation, users can now choose to “Write a reply,” rather than type the reply themselves. However, it remains to be seen how good and accurate the responses generated by the ChatGPT bot are, as it could sometimes give strange answers. It is always possible to modify them to fit the conversation.

In addition to this feature, Slack's ChatGPT bot can help users find relevant answers on any project or topic, using AI-powered search tools. It is also capable of summarizing channels or threads, so users can keep up to date with everything going on at work.

Salesforce's use of this OpenAI ChatGPT model is part of the broader Einstein GTP program at Slack, which integrates Salesforce and OpenAI AI technologies to create customizable emails, answers to customer questions and marketing content.

Microsoft, Google and Meta are also researching ways to integrate AI into their products. For example, Microsoft 365's CoPilot AI program can write customizable emails and messages for customers, as well as create marketing content.

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