The zoom-out revolution with Midjourney

A new dimension of creation thanks to AI

Midjourney, the AI-powered image generator, is constantly evolving and integrating ever more impressive new features. With its latest update to version 5.2, Midjourney introduces a revolutionary capability: “zoom out”. This feature expands the field of view of generated images, opening up a world of creative possibilities


How “zoom out” works

The principle behind “zoom out” is simple. Once the image has been generated by Midjourney, the user can click on the “Zoom Out” button and choose between two levels of enlargement: 1.5x or 2x. Artificial intelligence will then recalculate the image to enlarge it, generating additional content consistently

In practical terms, this means we can now reveal more of the context and environment surrounding the main subject. Scenes become larger, more detailed and more realistic. Elements that were previously off-screen are revealed


Endless creative possibilities

The use cases are endless. A portrait can fit harmoniously into a larger setting. A landscape will have an extended perspective. An interior scene will reveal adjacent rooms. Visual artists have unprecedented control to bring their visions to life


For example, an image of a person in a room could be enlarged to reveal the rest of the house. Or a close-up view of an object could be integrated into a larger scene with more detail.

AI that understands images

Midjourney's power lies in its ability to understand the meaning of text prompts and generate images to match. With “zoom out”, AI can build on what it has already produced to effectively enrich and extend it. It's no longer simple extrapolation, but real contextual understanding


Customize enlargement with “Custom Zoom”

The Custom Zoom feature lets you choose precisely how much the image should be enlarged. Simply enter a numerical value between 1 and 2 in the pop-up window to enlarge the image according to your preferences

Crop with “Make Square”

Make Square allows you to crop a non-square image to make it square, by extending it horizontally or vertically. Useful for giving an Instagram style to your Midjourney creations!

A promising advance for generative AI

This technical feat opens the way to ever more possibilities for AI-assisted creation. Future updates will undoubtedly take the realism and consistency of generated scenes even further. The era of “zoom out” has only just begun with Midjourney!

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